Syndication Deal Inked with Puerto Rico Lifestyle Magazine

I probably could be more excited about it but I’m not sure how. Maybe if I knew I was a journalist, what a magazine is or how to read, but no matter what, we at Perplexing Times are very excited about this latest arrangement to spread our young, timeless wisdom to a handful more of the myriad masses.

This is me checking out our syndication placement.
This is me checking out our syndication placement.

I can’t go in to detail, and that’s mostly because I don’t actually get to know what the details are, but I can tell you that the Puerto Rico Lifestyle Magazine has come to terms we like to reprint all of our stories from our many adventures in Puerto Rico.

Dollars and cents aside, because I’m not sure how many of those are actually involved, I can tell you one exciting thing is that all of the contextual links we put in our articles will continue to link to Perplexing Times. Golly, that would just make it super if we actually made any money.

The administrative “parent” types decided years ago to keep ads on here to a minimum and to severely restrict the kinds of ads that can actually appear on Perplexing Times so it’s not like that’s a huge boon for anything other than bringing in new readers, but I’ll take it. That alone is exciting enough for me.

I know we’ve been pretty lax about publishing lately, and part of it is that our collective rate of learning things new and newsworthy have slowed and the other part of it is that our adminadaddy has been buried in his own work so one thing we’ll do ti get things running in real time is wrap up the last of the Puerto Rico articles and move on from that “old business” to more timely and interesting things like “new business.”

If you really liked the Puerto Rican articles you’ll be able to read even more of our exploits over on Puerto Rico Lifestyle, so you won’t miss a minute of our journey, if you’re into that sort of thing. We sure were at the time but we’ve been there so we know what makes it cool.

There will only be another maybe five or six articles about Puerto Rico, then I promise we’ll wrap it up properly, move on with our lives, and get right back to bringing you the news that’s most relevant to your lives.

And if you really want to support the Puerto Ricans, do as a third of them say and demand the island becomes a state. On the secondhand (which ticks much faster) you could hear the second third of them and demand independence. With that said, you might be better off listening to the final third and demand no change in status whatsoever. Either way it’s a quagmire, but that’s Puerto Rico for you, a quagmire.

Above - Everything seems in order, if I may say so myself.
Above – Everything seems in order, if I may say so myself.