True Fans Understand Why Pictures Missing

I know, I know, we’ve had a bunch of articles with pictures missing in the past week. As of right now they should all be up to speed, but for those of you daily regulars (like Chris and Monica) you already know we missed them on the right days, and it’s with greatest sincerity I extend this apology.

This here is what my poor broken images usually look like.
This here is what my poor broken images usually look like.

It’s not that we don’t care, we think that nobody’s reading or we think it doesn’t matter. No, our readership is bigger than ever, we really, really do care and we know that the pictures are the very reason a lot of people come back day after day.

We’ve been busy with life and putting together our first book. It’s looking like a real gem. As you can’t help but notice we went to San Francisco, and even though it looks as though we were there for many months, we really weren’t, we just packed in our time with military efficiency. Our time was more than a blast and since our return we’ve been working hard to recover from it, get over the sadness of not being there anymore, and trying to get our book together just as efficiently as our three hot-spots a day vacay schedule.

And because of all that, we’ve been so busy with the book that we fell a bit behind on our duties on here, and that’s unforgivable, but I still ask for your forgiveness just the same. I’m sorry. Do you forgive me? I said I was sorry!

In coming months we may have to drop down to five or six articles a week as we finish up the book and get it from concept to store shelves, but that won’t mean we don’t love you guys loving us either. It means that we love you guys so much that we want to let you have a book of ours to read, love and cherish for all time.

Besides, Daddy-O has himself a day job, or so he keeps saying, and a lot of our productivity depends on his ability to perform on our ridiculously long laundry list of honey-dos. He keeps making tough-to-swallow excuses like “I have to go to work” and “I have to sleep sometimes” and he apologizes and I forgive him. Can you forgive me for this, my own digression?

If you missed pictures in the past week, take this opportunity to go back and check out whatever you missed, and if you didn’t and don’t know why this article is here, then, um, well, never mind. Ha ha, these are just jokes and stuff and junk and whatnot.

I promise to bite off amounts more in line with what I’m able to chew in coming months, and you guys are free to hold me to it.

Hugs and Kisses,

Brendan Alexander
Sr. Editor