Receding Gums Pointedly Ouchy

Back in the blissful ignorance of my fading youth I lived free of care and free of pain. I was constantly confused, though it seemed normal at the time. I didn’t worry about everyday trivialities like receding hair and receding gums.

Check this, more teeth.
Check this, more teeth.

Now of course it’s safe to say that I’m smarter than I have ever been before. I understand all sorts of shapes, colors, sounds and movement, and to top it all off, my gums hurt worse than new taxes.

I was so excited after I got my original two teeth in because I was just sure I was done. Now, due to no lack of dental hygiene on my part, my gums are receding with an awful kind of fury.

When they talk about receding gums on the hypno-box, (which I’ve since learned is called a television) they’re only talking about a couple extra millimeters. My case? No such luck. My gummy Appalachians are erupting all volcano-like, exposing sharp chunks of bony matter. Great for masticating not so good for meditating. It’s kind of hard to ignore the volcanic nature of it all and get into my Zen zone.

teeth2I’ve been told that what I’m experiencing is not too different from getting wisdom teeth, (which no one speaks too highly of) except instead of four chompers over three to five years imagine 28 in under 18 months. Do you understand my grief? Can you share in my concern?

I’m not trying to suggest I’ll get two teeth a month for life or anything. I’m not a shark, you know. Yes, I hope and believe this agony is temporary, but let’s not argue away my discomfort here, okay? This is pretty traumatic stuff here.

Since sharing my feelings isn’t helping to alleviate them, I’m going to ask you to be patient with me. This isn’t my idea of fun and if it makes me testy, I’m sorry. If my grouchitude puts you out of sorts, just try to remember how uncomfortable I am and that I really don’t understand why I’m in so much pain.


Billings Visitor Center Great People in Great Town

A town so far east we barely made it out there on our first trip is Billings. Once you’re there, you’re half way from the Pacific Ocean to Minneapolis, and with our schedule getting busier and busier with each passing day, we weren’t even sure if we’d make it out there, but boy are we glad that we did.

Super cool statues are as easy to find as relevant area information.
Super cool statues are as easy to find as relevant area information.

Billings has so many great attractions, but more than that, it has really great people too, and there’s no better place to kick off the Billings leg of your tour than at the newly constructed Billings Visitor Center.

Not only do they have a statue out front so great that it gets two full pictures in this article, but once inside you’ll find more than just the regular run-down of touristy brochures for your taking.

The people there were really great to us, and they don’t mind drawing you out locations on the city map to show you all the different things in town that are of specific interest to you. I mean it, these people will literally listen to what you tell them you like, and then they’ll tell you what all they have in the area to fit your particular desires.

It’s like show and tell, except what they have is much cooler than anything I’m allowed to bring to school.

And I know that all visitor centers are supposed to operate in the same way, and many do, but there are two things that really set Billings apart. The first is that there’s a surprising amount to do in Billings, especially when you consider what a relatively small city Billings is. The second is that the people there don’t just have to tell you what’s in the area, they really want to. They’re proud of their city and its many splendors.

Our only regret was that there were still a handful of things leftover we didn’t manage the time to get to, though if we ever make it back that far east, we’ll surely try that much harder, because the locals never steered us wrong, and everything else they told us to check out was totally worth it.

Check them out online at, or stop by in person at 815 27th St. in Billings.

ABOVE: Even though brochures and air conditioning await inside, there's no way I'm going to miss this statue, and my boss would be wise to catch it too.
ABOVE: Even though brochures and air conditioning await inside, there’s no way I’m going to miss this statue, and my boss would be wise to catch it too.