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Family Pancake House Review... Delicious
Boys Had Laughs at Aladdin Puppet Show
The Day We Missed Pancake Day
Big Wheel (Allegedly) Keeps on Turnin'
Visit the Great State of Montana With Kids


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  • Family Pancake House Review... Delicious
    Monday, March 25 @ 22:47:00 PST
    We went to the Family Pancake House for pancakes, omelets and for good measure, a banana. Brendan recommends it because it's a great place to eat. Dominic says it's better than eating at home.

  • Boys Had Laughs at Aladdin Puppet Show
    Saturday, March 02 @ 20:16:00 PST
    On Saturday we went to a puppet show. The show was called Aladdin and it was put on by Carter Family Puppets.

  • The Day We Missed Pancake Day
    Friday, February 15 @ 22:11:00 PST
    We have a tradition of attending IHOP's annual Pancake Day celebration, where we dine on fluffy goodness and donate to one of our favorite charities; Children's Miracle Network.

  • Big Wheel (Allegedly) Keeps on Turnin'
    Sunday, July 11 @ 02:00:00 PDT
    It's (low-traffic, low-readership) Sunday again, which can only mean two things. Time for Sunday school and time for yet another demi-mediocre Sunday-style Perplexing Times article.

  • Visit the Great State of Montana With Kids
    Friday, February 06 @ 02:00:00 PST
    If you've ever even dreamed of the Big Sky state, this summer may be as ideal a time as any to pay a visit. Travel costs are up, the economy is down, and many of the great American relics you learned about in grade school still exist, but they're dying off by the year. Here is a summary of only our best and highest rated Montana review articles.

  • Yellowstone County Museum Coolest Free Museum in Area
    Monday, February 02 @ 03:00:00 PST
    Most free museums feel like junk stores without price tags, but this place, as small and four miles away from where you probably want to be, wasn't just worth the trip, it was straight up awesome. Not only did we find a bunch of great cowboy stuff to buy our brother for his upcoming birthday at fine prices, but we also saw neat stuff, had great fun, and all on free admission.

  • Fort Missoula Museum; Big on History, Small on Boring
    Sunday, February 01 @ 02:00:00 PST
    If you’re looking for something between cheap and free to do with your kids, a real standout is the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. The museum is very cheap, but the historic collection around it is free and it’s got more fun stuff to play on than my parents could even endure.

  • Missoula Children’s Museum Is Fun Afternoon Romp
    Wednesday, January 28 @ 04:00:00 PST
    Since before time even began to exist* there has been this ubiquitous thing called The Children's Museum. These are often underfunded, though never underappreciated, and frequently enjoyed by all in attendance. The children's museum in Missoula is one such example, especially considering how hard they work to make their place so much fun.

  • Western Heritage Museum Makes for Mad Day of Great Fun
    Sunday, January 11 @ 02:00:00 PST
    We've made no qualms about the great times we've had in Billings, Montana, and no review series would be complete without a write-up of one of the best places in the area, the Western Heritage Museum. Sure, it's historic, and sure, it's fun and interesting, but more than any of that, did you know it's also Smithsonian accredited? Well it's that, and affordable too!

  • Montana Fun Adventure Tour as Fun & Personal As You Like
    Saturday, January 10 @ 01:00:00 PST
    Billings was made a great destination on our trip for more reasons than I can safely try to express in just a single article, but there was one tourist feature that really helped us find fun and a love of the city like no other, and that was the small, private, family run business known as Montana Fun Adventure Tours. We didn't have time to really enjoy their full tours, but based on how amazing their short tours are, we're definitely going to try to catch a bigger one when we return.

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