Our Sister Site – TheBabyDictionary.com – Is Launched

Our creative team has been working on it for years and we’re embarrassed to say it’s taken this long, but TheBabyDictionary.com has finally launched, and the early reviews say it’s pretty darn great and plenty of fun.

You could easily spend a few hours on the site, though maybe not a whole day as you can here. It has all kinds of crazy definitions based on what kids say compared to what they mean as well as words adults think compared to what kids think of them. Makes sense right?

There’s a lot of fun in there.

Since it’s our sister site I can tell you this, even though you might only see a hundred or so words defined on the site, there are actually more than 300, with the rest scheduled for intermittent release over the coming months while more are created. That means you can go back day after day and always find a fresh batch of words defined, or you can just add it to your RSS feed and wait for the magic to happen.

And because it’s all us, I can let you in on the closely guarded secret that video and other multi-media entries will be coming soon.

So check TheBabyDictionary.com and see what you think. If you have kids, or you just know how they speak, it’s a fun daily site to check out.


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