Family Pancake House Review… Delicious

Most free museums feel like junk stores without price tags, but this place, as small and four miles away from where you probably want to be, wasnt just worth the trip, it was straight up awesome. Not only did we find a bunch of great cowboy stuff to buy our brother for his upcoming birthday at fine prices, but we also saw neat stuff, had great fun, and all on free admission.

(This article dictated by elementary school age and younger children.)


What we ordered

We had a couple of pancake faces, which are teddy bear looking pancakes with whipped cream, pineapple and strawberries and chocolate eyeballs. These were so delicious and ridiculously affordable at only $3.15.

Max liked banana pancakes and chocolate chip pancake. He also looooved the butter, could eat that stuff all day. Also liked the chocolate on the ice cream at the end. He picked up the cherries and put them under the ice cream and he couldn’t try the circle strawberries (cherries.)*

Dominic had bacon & eggs with hash browns and toast for $4.59, a tasty good deal. It was a big meal for a little price.

How nice the people are

The service was very nice and kind. Lori gave us everything we needed and she was always there when we wanted something. The food came out plenty quick like ay-yay-yay. When you say you want your eggs scrambled, they will do it.

The restaurant was nice and clean and shiny.


We went to the Family Pancake House in Edmonds, but there are a handful of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. For hours, directions and sample menus, check them out online at

* This paragraph was dictated by a 2 year old.



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